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Welcome to the Figure 8 Racing Website

Buckle your racing harnesses and come test drive the site and see how you like figure 8 racing Canadian style.....

Crash of the Week

The featured picture above is our choice for the crash of the week photo. This was taken by Theresa Huarte at the September 30, 2001 race. This was the final race of the year so the racing was no holds barred every man/woman for themselves! Even though Marty McDonald is burning off his Camaro tires you can see in the background a pretty good t-bone about to happen. As usual the saftey gear did its job and no-one was injured except the cars.

If you have a Crash of the Week photo please submit it to the webmaster and it may be featured on the home page of this site.

What is Figure Eight Racing?

When you have a full size stock car and all the safety equipment you find yourself racing around a track shaped in a figure eight with numerous other vehicles. This can and will lead to the occasional bump and grind as you are crossing in front of another competitor while cruising through the criss cross. The question is who'll back down, you or the other racer? Spinning and bumping are okay but nasty deliberate hits are a no-no. This is supposed to be fun and when people get hurt its not fun so if you are too aggresive you'll see the black flag and you may be encouraged to enter your car into a demo derby instead.

Figure 8 Racing is an economical way to have some fun on the race track. Some people call it entry level racing as the cars are pretty much stock with the exception of safety equipment. You don't get to play on the oval so your car doesn't get much faster than 70 kms an hour, depending on your engine and driving ability of course. There is no point in having a whizzy "done up" engine as speed doesn't always give you the advantage. When tracked with the tripometer, Lisa Hodges reported that 2 heats with 10 laps each and one main event with 20 laps clocked in at 8.6 kilomoters. Wonder what kind of fuel milage we are getting?

Where can you check out the Figure 8 Action?

This website features the competitors and the races that are located at Race City Motorsport Park, located where else but in Calgary Alberta Canada where they host on the average of 6 -7 Figure Eight races each year. For directions and a map how to get to the track check out the Contact Page. For more info on Race City check out their web site at Race City Motorsport Park

We sometimes haul our race cars to the World of F.E.A.R. (Figure Eight Auto Racing) in Fort MacLeod, Alberta check out their site for more info at World of F.E.A.R. Website.

Site Last Updated January 31, 2002

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Next Race Date

Woo Hoo the Figure 8 Racing season is gonna be starting soon. Check out the 2002 Schedule of events to see when you can come out and cheer us on. We have 8 events this year, check them out by visiting the Schedule of events section of this website.

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